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The most used Arrow Emoji is ➡️

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Basic Arrow Emoji


Other Arrow related Emojis


The arrow emoji is one of the simplest emojis out there.

There is basically an emoji of an arrow pointing in nearly any thinkable direction.

Their use however varies drastically and can thus not be clearly defined.

Whether you want to point to a certain image or simply strengthen a statement, an arrow can certainly help to raise attention.

How to use the Arrow Emoji on different devices

In this article you can find a majority of the methods that can be used to send an arrow emoji to someone on the most popular devices.

Arrow on Windows keyword

Keyboard customization

You can also easily configure your keyboard layout so then you can add/drop new letters and/or emoticons. You can also do this by using applications supported by third parties or by modifying the keyboard configuration of the windows.

Alt Code

A quick and easy way to produce an arrow symbol on a windows keyboard is to use an alt code. An arrow pointing towards the north, south, east and west can simply be produced by pressing Alt + 24/25/26 or 27 where 24 is north, 25 is south, 26 is east and 27 is west.

Arrow on iPhone, iPad and Mac


A copy/paste of our website is one of the best ways to use the arrow emoji on all of the Apple products.

iPhone/iPad → Emoji Keyboard

Whenever you type something on your mobile Apple product, you can open an emoji keyboard by clicking on the smiley button. There are a wide variety of various heart icons and several other emojis inside the emoji keyboard.

Mac → Character Palette

You can add/use characters from the character palette on your Mac. You may also apply fonts that contain a larger range of emoji/emoticons to your character palette. Go to the settings to use the character palette, and then → keyboard preference → Check the “show keyboard and emoji viewers in menu bar” → In the menu bar click the palette that shows the command key (⌘) and select “Show Emoji and Symbols” →  from here on, the emoji you select can be copy-pasted from here or dragged/dropped.

Arrow on Android

Emoji Keyboard

Androids also have a quick option to access all your beloved symbols and emoticons immediately with the Emoji Keyboard, much like the Apple gadgets. You can also find the arrow icon along with several other Emojis.

Application specific

Some applications come with their own custom keyboard, which often includes an emoji keyboard specifically in the messaging app.

The History of the Arrow Emoji

The arrow symbol has been available on digital devices for ages, even the earliest computers were able to produce one.

Over time, more and more directions, styles and colours of arrow emojis became available.

These days, arrows are used to point towards an image, explain the order of something and in countless other situations.

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