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The most used Check Emoji is ✅

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Basic Check Emoji


Other Check related Emojis


The checkmark and its related emojis are mainly used to symbolize correctness, accuracy or simple confirmation.

They can also function as an alternative way of agreeing to something/someone.

How to use the Check Emoji on different devices

This is a simple guide on using the check Emoji on some of today’s most popular devices.

The most convenient way to send an emoji, though, is to pick it from our website and copy and paste it.

Check on Windows keyword

Keyboard customization

By customizing the keyboard, you can modify the windows keyboard to display the icon you want to. You can use third-party software or modify your own Windows keyboard style. This way the symbol and all the other emoji characters can be sent from your keyboard.

Direct Emoji Input

Messaging sites, such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, provide a menu called Direct Emoji Input. Nearly most of the time, the menu features a smiley emoticon that functions as a button to access the menu that has the wide variety of emojis.

Character Map

The Character Map helps you to view all the symbols and icons that are available and also on how to use them. The Windows Character Map is just another way to send the check emoji to someone. You can find the Character Map by typing it into the search bar. After that, you can choose any sort of icon from the list of all the fonts that you already have on your computer.

Check on iPhone, iPad and Mac


The best way to send somebody your preferred emoji is by copy-pasting it. Any kind of emoticon can be copied from an Apple product from the curated collection of our website.

iPhone/iPad → Emoji Keyboard

If you’re writing a text on an Apple product, you can find that your favorite emojis are collected in an Emoji Keyboard. Clicking the smiley button will activate all these icons. This Emoji Keyboard has a broad variety of emojis and symbols, exactly like Windows’ Direct Emoji Input.

Mac → Character Palette

You can add/use elements from the character palette on your Mac. Several fonts will have a wide variety of emojis/emoticons that can be applied to the character palette. Go to the character palette settings and then go to → keyboard preference → Check the “show keyboard and emoji viewers in menu bar” → In the menu bar, click the palette that shows the command key (⌘) and select “Show Emoji and Symbols”, where you can either copy/paste or drag/drop the emoji of your choosing.

Check on Android

Emoji Keyboard

Android devices, like every other Apple product, will have direct access to emojis and icons with the help of the Emoji keyboard. In there, along with many others, you will see the iconic cross emoji.

Application specific

Many messaging platforms such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger offer emojis in different ways. You can send any emoji through the customized Emoji panel to another user. They even come with a search button, so finding the menu with your favorite emoticons is easier.

The History of the Check Emoji

The check symbol has a long lasting history and was already used before digital products themselves came around.

Since computers are widely available, the checkmark has always been present and could even be used on some of the oldest systems out there.

In modern days, it is used less formally and mainly to confirm something or as an alternative way for a simple “yes”.

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