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The most used Cloud Emoji is ☁️

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Basic Cloud Emoji


Other Cloud related Emojis


The Cloud Emoji is usually a resource people use to tell about the current weather. Marked as a cloud it can mean we will have a cloudy day or fog, as it obscures visibility.

Generally depicted as a gray, hazy, cloud-like mass. May be used as a weather icon to represent foggy/cloudy conditions.

How to use the Cloud Emoji on different devices

This is a quick guide on how to produce a cloud emoji on some of today’s most popular devices.

All the Emojis you find on our page can also simply be copy-pasted, giving you quick access to hundreds of Emojis to use for your messaging needs.

Cloud on Windows keyword

Keyboard customization

Using keyboard customization is one of the easiest ways to bind a certain emoji, preferably one that you frequently use, to a set key on your keyboard. You can either use a third-party software or customize your own keyboard by binding certain keys to symbols. This way the cloud and all the other emoji characters you choose to add can be sent from your keyboard.

Direct Emoji Input

A Lot of the bigger messaging services, such as Facebook or WhatsApp offer an option called Direct Emoji Input. The menu is easy to find as it features a smiley emoticon that functions as a button to access the menu where you can find a wide selection of emojis, including the cloud emoji.

Character Map

Within the Character Map you will find all the pre-installed symbols on your computer as well as fonts that may feature additional symbols.. You can find the Character Map by entering “character map” into the search bar. After that, you can choose any sort of icon or emoji from the list of all the fonts that you already have on your computer. You can further increase the amount of emojis by googling for Fonts, some of them specifically coming with lots of symbols.

Cloud on iPhone, iPad and Mac


Copy-Paste will probably forever be one of the quickest ways to send any form of text, or in this case, symbols forward. All of the Emojis featured on our website are compatible with your apple products, so feel free to use them as you wish and spice up your communications.

iPhone/iPad → Emoji Keyboard

If you’re writing a text on an Apple product, you can find a great selection of emojis in the Emoji Keyboard. Selecting the smiley button will open a menu containing all these icons. This Emoji Keyboard has a broad variety of emojis and symbols, exactly like Windows’ Direct Emoji Input.

Mac → Character Palette

Similar to the Windows Character Map, on your Apple Mac you will find a feature called Character Palette, offering you quick access to countless, pre-installed smileys, emoticons and symbols. To open the Character Palette you can simply type it into the search bar found in the home menu of your Mac PC. From here, find the “Show Emojis and Symbols” menu, within which you will have access to all of the Emojis available on your computer. Afterwards you have the option to either copy and paste them, or use the simple drag-and-drop function.

Cloud on Android

Emoji Keyboard

Android devices, just like  Apple products, will have direct access to emojis and icons with the help of the Emoji keyboard. In there, with the many others, you will see the well known gray cloud emoji.

Application specific

Application specific Emojis basically means, that the application itself provides a selection of Emojis for you to use. Examples for this is Facebook’s Emoji Keyboard and Tenor GIF function, giving you quick access to 100s of Emojis, Smileys, Symbols and more. Most of the time they also feature a search button, making it a lot easier to find the specific emoticon you are looking for.

The History of the Cloud Emoji

The cloud emoji comes in a few variations, the most popular ones being a wooly, white or gray cloud.

Also, a wooly white cloud with a sun in the background is very popular since it is one of the most frequently used symbols to talk about nice, yet cloudy weather.

The cloud emoticon was one of the earliest approved symbols and has been in use since 1993. As for iOS and Android devices it became part of their emoji keyboard in the year 2015.

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