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The most used Coffee Emoji is ☕

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The coffee emoji, also known as the hot beverage emoticon, is used in the context of illness or related to being chilly as if you would say “I am feeling cold, I want to drink a hot beverage”.

Other ways people are using this emoji is when they want to get some coffee and rather than saying “Let’s go get some coffee” a coffee emoji is being sent. Another popular use, especially in the USA, is to symbolize a desire to visit the nearest Starbucks with your bestie.

How to use the Coffee Emoji on different devices

The most convenient way to send an emoji, is to select it from our website and copy paste into the text.

This simple guide will show you all the different ways you can access and produce most of the available emojis on some of today’s most popular devices.

Coffee on Windows keyword

Keyboard customization

A great way to bind certain emojis to a set of keys, mainly the ones you most often use is by  accessing the keyboard customization option in your windows settings. You can also use a third-party software to modify your own keyboards style within the program. These ways you will be able to send symbols and all the other emoji characters you choose to add as keybinds.

Direct Emoji Input

Messaging services, such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, offer a menu called Direct Emoji Input. You’ll be able to easily access this menu, by tapping on the well known smiley emoticon on your devices keyboard. After selecting this menupoint you can find a wide selection of symbols, including the coffee emoji.

Character Map

Using the preinstalled Character Map is an easy way to access all the symbols within fonts that are installed on your Windows PC. The Windows Character Map is one of many ways to send a selected emoji. Opening the Character Map is quick and easy: simply type “character map” into the search bar of your start menu. After that, you can choose any sort of icon or emoji from the list of all the fonts that you already have on your computer. You can further increase the amount of emojis by downloading fonts.

Coffee on iPhone, iPad and Mac


Quick, easy, effective: the simplest way to send your emoji of choice to somebody is by copy-pasting it. All the emojis on our site can be copied from any Apple product and then used on messaging apps, forums, blogs, text documents or whichever way you wish to use them.

iPhone/iPad → Emoji Keyboard

If you own an Apple product, you will be able to find a wide variety of emoticons and icons in the Emoji Keyboard. You can access the great selection of emojis by pressing the smiley button on your devices keyboard.This Emoji Keyboard has a broad variety of emojis and symbols, exactly like Windows’ Direct Emoji Input.

Mac → Character Palette

Just like the Windows Character Map, Apple offers a so-called Character Palette. Here you will find a variety of pre-installed smiley and emojis which can simply be drag-and-dropped into any messaging tool, text document or others. You can find and edit the Character Palette by searching for it in the search bar of your Mac’s home menu. Within the palette, look for the “Show Emojis and Symbols” menu, where you will see all available symbols on your Mac. Additional ones can be downloaded through various websites.

Coffee on Android

Emoji Keyboard

In a similar way to iPhones, iPads and Macs, Android devices are equipped with an Emoji Keyboard. In there, along with many others you possibly know, you will see the popular coffee emoticon.

Application specific

Many messaging platforms such as Skype and Facebook Messenger offer an easily usable tool for sending emojis. Most of them have a menu, indicated by a smiley emoticon, which opens a variety of pre-installed emojis and smiles to then send by simply clicking them. They even come with a search button, so finding the specific emoticon you are looking for is easier.

The History of the Coffee Emoji

The coffee emoji was first introduced to the public in 2003, and it was mainly known as the hot beverage emoji, but as time has passed it grew into the coffee symbol also may be referred to as the tea or tea cup emoji.

Most people start their morning by drinking a cup of coffee. So it’s no surprise that this emoji made it to the top list of the emojis we currently use.

Android and iOS devices have implemented this emoticon to their repertoire in the year 2015.

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