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The most used Crown Emoji is πŸ‘‘

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Basic Crown Emoji


Other Crown related Emojis


Emojis related to the crown emoji often represent some form of royalty or wealth.

Also, there are 2 crown emojis that represent the king and the queen of a chess game and are therefore also more popular with chess players.

From a queen, to a castle all the way to a diamond ring, the crown emoji and its relatives represent status symbols, glory and, at times, incredible looks.

How to use the Crown Emoji on different devices

The most simple and best way to send someone an emoji is to just copy-paste it from our website. You can find all your favourite emoticons on there.

Here’s a concise overview on how to use the crown icon on some of the most common devices out there:

Crown on Windows keyword

Alt Code

To use this method, keep down the Alt key and enter the number code of the symbol by using the number keypad. When you release Alt, the icon emerges. The four symbol codes are: Alt-9812, which is going to create the White King crown emoticon.

Keyboard customization

You could use this technique to add the crown symbol and other such emoji characters to your keyboard. You may use a third-party application or software to alter the Windows keyboard style. You can customize the Windows keyboard prototype in such a way that you can attach whatever symbol you like as quickly as possible.

Direct Emoji Input

Generally, the menu of the direct Emoji input is represented by the traditional smiley emoticon. With the support of a direct emoji input, you won’t need to know the Alt code of a certain emoji or configure the keyboard because it is included in the menu. There are many large networks, such as Facebook, Twitch as well as other sites, that have a messaging feature, and they’ll most probably also have a direct emoji input option.

Character Map

Character Map helps you to display and use all relevant symbols and icons. The Windows Character Map is just another method to create an emoji crown. Using the search bar (window key) you can pick the character map to find all the available emojis. Then you can select any sort of letter as well as symbol from the list of all the fonts you have on your computer so far.

Crown on iPhone, iPad and Mac


Copy-paste is the best way to send your beloved emoji to someone else. You can copy-paste it from any kind of Apple product from our website. Simple as that.

iPhone/iPad β†’ Emoji Keyboard

If you’re messaging or writing someone from an Apple product, you’ll find that there’s an emoji keyboard with all your favorite emoticons that can be accessed by clicking the smiley button (where you will also see all the texts you typed beforehand). You can display a wide range of various symbols as well as a number of other emoticons on the emoji keyboard.

Mac β†’ Character Palette

There are many fonts that you can add to your character palette that have a wider collection of emojis/emoticons. You have the luxury of adding/using characters from the character palette onto your Mac.

To view the character palette, go to the settings β†’ keyboard preference β†’ Check the β€œshow keyboard and emoji viewers in menu bar” β†’ In the menu bar click the palette that shows the command key (⌘) and select β€œShow Emoji and Symbols”, where you can either copy/paste or drag/drop the emoji of your choosing.

Crown on Android

Emoji Keyboard

Like every other Apple gadget, Android devices also have instant access to emojis and icons using the Emoji keyboard (Emoji icon). There, together with a lot of other Emojis, you’re going to see the classic Emoji crown.

Application specific

Many messaging applications, such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, have different emoji keyboard options to send your beloved emoticons. They are easily accessible and usable.

The History of the Crown Emoji

It is popularly used to tag the British Royal Family in social-media conversations, particularly on the occasion of awards ceremonies and royal weddings.

The crown Emoji is commonly used to compliment or stand for certain definitions of monarchy and, by extension, excellence.

The crown Emoji can also be used in combination with other emojis, so combined with the bee emoji, for example, means ‘Queen Bee’ in hip hop culture.

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