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The most used Diamond Emoji is 💎

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Basic Diamond Emoji


Other Diamond related Emojis


The Diamond Emoji and it’s related emojis, are pictured as precious stones. It has a wide variety of meaning connected to it, such as richness, jewelry, wealth, marriage, luxury and aristocracy.

The most popular related emoji to the diamond symbol is the ring emoticon, which has the bluish gemstone connected to it’s top part, and is more commonly in use for engagements or marriage.

How to use the Diamond Emoji on different devices

The diamond emoji can be found on almost all of todays most popular mobile devices and can be produced very easily following this simple guide.

For the diamond Emoji, as well as hundreds of others, simply check for them on our website and copy-paste them to wherever you wish.

Diamond on Windows keyword

Keyboard customization

To use certain emojis with a key bind, you can use a third-party software that you download to your computer. Another way is to customize your keyboard style is to go to your Windows keyboard settings option and select the optimal keybinds to create the diamond emoji or any other symbol you would like to use. 

Direct Emoji Input

Direct Emoji Input is offered to you by most of today’s biggest chatting services, the likes of Twitch, Instagram, Facebook Messenger and a bunch more. It is a button on your keyboard’s options depicted by the well known smiley emoticon, which is accessed by tapping it and brings the user to a menu with all of their favourite emojis, including the popular diamond symbol.

Character Map

Using the  Windows Character Map is a quick way  in which you can send the diamond emoji to someone you know. You’ll be able to find the Character Map by clicking your search bar and typing “character map”. The Character Map helps you to view all the symbols and icons that are available and also on how to use them. You can further increase the amount of emojis by downloading new fonts, some specifically with lots of symbols.

Diamond on iPhone, iPad and Mac


One of your best bets to sending an Emoji of your choice is to simply copy and paste it off our website. All the Emojis we feature are compatible with any Apple product!

iPhone/iPad → Emoji Keyboard

Exactly like Windows Direct Emoji Input, If you are writing a text with an Apple mobile device, you’ll be able to find a huge selection of emojis and symbols in the implemented Emoji Keyboard. By pressing on the beloved smiley emoji you’ll open up a menu containing all these icons.

Mac → Character Palette

Just like Windows desktop computers, Mac also offer a selection of Emojis and Symbols in a character palette. To find it, simply type “Character Palette” into the search bar of your home menu. From here, find the menu button that features the command key (⌘) and open the “Show Emoji and Symbols” Menu. Here you find a wide variety of all sorts of symbols that are available to be copied and pasted as you wish.

Diamond on Android

Emoji Keyboard

As any Apple product, with Android mobile devices you are able to quickly access a wide variety of pre-installed smileys and emojis through an Emoji keyboard. By selecting the smiley icon a menu will pop up with all your favourite emoticons for your needs.

Application specific

Almost all of the major messaging platforms or streaming services, such as Facebook or Twitch offer their own, in-built selection of Emoticons, Smileys and more. Often they come in a menu that looks just like a keyboard and even have a search function to quickly find the Emoji you are looking for.

The History of the Diamond Emoji

The diamond emoji, or otherwise known as the gemstone emoji was first introduced to the symbols palette in late 2010. As for iOS and Android devices it became a pair of their Emoji Keyboard in the year 2015.

The gemstone emoji came to popularity lately with retail investors flooding the stock and crypto market, as well as stonk memes gaining a wider audience.

On these meme sites, Reddit pages people commonly use the gemstone emoji with the phrase “Diamond Hands” meaning they have picked a great stock or have entered their pick at the perfect point.

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