Are you searching for a Explosion Emoji? In this list you will find different Explosion Emojis. You can easily copy and paste these Explosion symbols!

The most used Explosion Emoji is 💥

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Other Explosion related Emojis


The image of the explosion emoji is depicted as a yellow and red star replicating the light of an explosion, otherwise it’s also known as the blast emoji.

Depending on the sentence, it might mean that something is extraordinary, got launched somewhere or that it has exploded.

The boom emoji can also mean ‘’The concert was a fire !’’ as in ‘’Great!’’ or ‘’The new single is here!’’

How to use the Explosion Emoji on different devices

This is a simplified guide on how to send the Explosion emoji to your buddies. The most convenient way would be to just copy and paste it here from our website. Or just select one of the options from down below.

Explosion on Windows keyword

Keyboard customization

By going into your windows keyboard settings, you’ll be able to customize your key layout.
You can also download a third-party software to make things easier for yourself. With customizing your keyboard, you will be able to send any emoji, including the BOOM emoji.

Direct Emoji Input

Direct emoji input is the menu that most of the messaging sites, the likes of WhatsApp, Instagram and more use. You’ll be able to easily access this menu, by tapping on the beloved smiley emoticon on your device’s keyboard. After clicking this menupoint all the available emoticons and signs can be added to the text you are writing.

Explosion on iPhone, iPad and Mac


The easiest and fastest way to send the explosion emoji to somebody is by copy-pasting it from our website. Apple devices can copy all of the available emoticons on the site.

iPhone/iPad → Emoji Keyboard

If you are using an Apple iPhone or iPad, you can access your most used emoticons via the emoji keyboard. You will find all the available signs and icons by clicking the well known smiley emoji on your device’s keyboard. This tool has a wide range of emojis and symbols, exactly like Windows’ Direct Emoji Input..

Mac → Character Palette

On your Mac device you can add symbols to your character palette. There are also fonts that have a broader set of emoticons/smileys that you can apply to your character palette. By going to your palette’s settings → keyboard preference → Select the “show keyboard and emoji viewers in menu bar” → Inside the menu bar press the palette that shows the command key (⌘) and select “Show Emoji and Symbols” → You can either drag/drop or copy/paste your emoji of choice from here.

Explosion on Android

Emoji Keyboard

Android products, much like any Apple mobile device, also have easy access to emoticons and symbols with an emoji keyboard. Here, you’ll be able to find the BOOM icon alongside all the other well known emojis.

Application specific

Many messaging applications, such as Instagram and Facebook Messenger, have a user friendly and easily usable tool for sending symbols. This usually comes with the help of a search bar so you can conveniently access all of your favorite emojis.

The History of the Explosion Emoji

The explosion emoji is used to show that something is cool, awesome, exciting, or more informally,’’on fire’’.

In a different context it can mean that somebody is a “muy bueno spicy lady”, or refer to other various metaphorical fires.

The explosion emoji was first added to the palette of emojis in 2010, today it’s mostly known as the Boom Emoji, but it can also be seen as the Bang Emoji.

It might be called the Pow emoji in some places.

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