Are you searching for a Flower Emoji? In this list you will find different Flower Emojis. You can easily copy and paste these Flower symbols!

The most used Flower Emoji is ๐ŸŒธ

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Basic Flower Emoji


Other Flower related Emojis


Just as in real life, a different flower can represent a different feeling.

While a sunflower radiates a more friendly, summery setting a red rose is more representative of love and romance.

Another emoji related to the flower โ€“ the clover โ€“ is widely known as a symbol of luck and good fortune.

How to use the Flower Emoji on different devices

The easiest way of sending an emoji flower to somebody is to select it from the curated list on our website, and then just copy-paste it.

Here is a guide on how to use the flower icon on some of the most popular devices that are out:

Flower on Windows keyword

Keyboard customization

You can use a third-party software or change the layout of the Windows keyboard. Like that, you can configure the Windows keyboard template so that you can insert any symbol you want as easily as possible. You could use this method to send flower symbols and any other emoji characters to your keyboard.

Direct Emoji Input

With the help of the direct emoji input, you’re not going to need to know the Alt code of a certain emoji or customize your keyboard, since it’s included in a menu of various icon choices. There are several big networks, such as Facebook, Twitch and other websites, that have a messaging feature, so they have a direct emoji input option.

Normally, the menu is represented by the traditional smiley emoticon, which serves as the button to open the menu.

Character Map

Character Map lets you view and use all available symbols and icons. The Window Character Map is yet another tool to generate a flower emoji. Use the search bar (windows key) and choose the character map to find it. Then you can pick any kind of letter as well as symbol from the compilation of all the fonts you have on your device so far.

Flower on iPhone, iPad and Mac


The copy-paste method is the simplest way to send your favourite emoji to someone. You can copy-paste it from our website on any kind of Apple product.

iPhone/iPad โ†’ Emoji Keyboard

Whether you’re texting or writing something on an Apple product, you’ll find that there’s an emoji keyboard for all your favorite emoticons that can be reached by pressing the smiley button (where you will also see any text you typed beforehand). You can see a wide variety of different symbols as well as a selection of other emoticons within the emoji keyboard.

Mac โ†’ Character Palette

You have the option to add/use characters from the character palette on your Mac. There are several fonts that you can add to your character palette that have a broader set of emojis/emoticons. To view the character palette, go to the settings โ†’ keyboard preference โ†’ Check the โ€œshow keyboard and emoji viewers in menu barโ€ โ†’ In the menu bar click the palette that shows the command key (โŒ˜) and select โ€œShow Emoji and Symbolsโ€, where you can either copy/paste or drag/drop the emoji of your choosing.

Flower on Android

Emoji Keyboard

Like any other Apple gadget, Android smartphones often have instant access to emojis and symbols through the use of the Emoji keyboard (Emoji icon). There, along with a couple other Emojis, you’ll find the classic flower Emoji.

Application specific

Many chat applications like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger will offer your favorite emoticons in different ways.

The History of the Flower Emoji

Just like other seasonally fitting Emojis, the flower emoji certainly gets more popular in the springtime. The emoticon indicates that flowers are starting to bloom and the good weather is near. It mainly symbolizes nature, spring and spring holidays like Easter.

Typically, the emoji symbolizes romance. Especially the rose emoji, which is mainly used as a flirtatious tactic for Valentine’s day. It is also a popular choice to send the flower emoticon on special occasions, such as birthdays or weddings.

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