Are you searching for a Heart Emoji? In this list you will find different Heart Emojis. You can easily copy and paste these Heart symbols!

The most used Heart Emoji is ❤️

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Basic Heart Emoji


Emojis with Heart Symbols


Other Heart related Emojis


The heart emoji, like most other popular ones, has a variety of related emojis representing a variety of emotions, mainly romantic and friendly.

The heart itself is available in a multitude of colours and different backgrounds.

Other emojis related to it can be a cat with hearts for its eyes or even a heart between a male and a female smiley, representing a relationship.

How to use the Heart Emoji on different devices

The easiest method is to simply copy the heart emoji you desire from our collection above.

Otherwise, here is a list of how to use the heart symbol on the most popular devices:

Heart on Windows keyword
Alt code

One of the simplest ways to create a heart on windows is to use the heart alt code. The combination of alt + 3 produces a black heart → ♥.

On various platforms this heart will be displayed as a red one rather than a black one (for example on Facebook).

Keyboard customization

Another quick way to write a heart symbol on windows is to customize your keyboard.Through the use of third party software or by changing the keyboard layout within windows, you can add/remove new letters and/or emoticons to your keyboard.

Direct Emoji Input

Many of the major websites that have a messaging function, such as Facebook, Twitch or various forums also have a direct emoji input. On Facebook it is indicated by a classic smiley which functions as a button to open a menu of various emoji choices. You will see this Icon whether you want to create a post, comment or send a message to someone and can choose from one of many heart icons from a dropdown selection.

Character Map

In order to access the Character Map on any Windows PC, simply press the windows key and type “Character Map” into the search bar. Here you will find a box that lists all of the symbols/characters in the fonts available on your computer. You can even add more emojis to this list by downloading new fonts, such as Zapf Dingbats or Stroke 7.

Heart on iPhone, iPad and Mac


One of the quickest ways to use a heart emoji of your choice on any Apple product is to simply copy/paste it off of our website.

iPhone/iPad → Emoji Keyboard

Whenever you are writing something on a mobile Apple device, there is an emoji keyboard which can be opened by pressing the smiley icon. Within the emoji keyboard you can find a big assortment of different heart symbols as well as many other emojis.

Mac → Character Palette

On your Mac you have the ability to add/use characters from the character palette. There are also fonts you can add to your character palette that include a wider variety of emojis/emoticons. To access the character palette go to settings → keyboard preference → Check the “show keyboard and emoji viewers in menu bar” → In the menu bar click the palette that shows the command key (⌘) and select “Show Emoji and Symbols” → from here you can either copy/paste or drag/drop the emoji of your choice.

Heart on Android

Emoji Keyboard

Just like any mobile Apple device, Android devices also offer quick access to emojis and symbols through an emoji keyboard. Here you will find a classic, cute heart alongside many other hearts and even more emojis!

Application specific

Many messenger applications, such as Facebook Messenger and Instagram have unique ways of sending a heart. On Messenger you can simply type “<3” and it will send a red heart to the recipient.

The History of the Heart Emoji

For centuries the heart was a symbol of love, affection, passion and appreciation. With the coming of the 21st century and the ability to connect to the internet from everywhere, the usage of heart emojis has risen drastically.

It started in the early days where the classic “<3” symbol was one of the most prominent smileys to send, alongside “^^”, “xD” and the simple “🙂”.

Now you will find them everywhere, in various colours and representing various feelings. From a green heart representing a love of nature or a more friendly, non romantic version of a classic red heart to animated GIFs the variety of heart symbols is near endless and it is one of the most used ones out there.

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