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The most used Lightning Emoji is ⚡

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Other Lightning related Emojis


The lightning bolt or lightning emoji (also known as thunderbolt to some) is mainly used to talk about things that are shocking, full of energy or other, metaphorical uses.

Google’s Amp project is depicting a lightning bolt as their icon meaning ‘lightning fast speed” which is another way you can use the lightning bolt emoji.

How to use the Lightning Emoji on different devices

This is a simple guide on using the lightning emoji on some of today’s most popular devices.

You can pick one of the options from down below or just copy and paste it right here from our website.

Lightning on Windows keyword

Keyboard customization

An option is to customize the settings, you can remake the Windows keyboard to display the icon you want to, or download a third-party software to modify your Windows keyboard style. With these changes made you can send your selected emoticons and symbols from your keyboard.

Direct Emoji Input

Messaging sites, such as Facebook Messenger, Skype and WhatsApp, provide a menu called Direct Emoji Input. You can access this menu with a wide variety of emoticons for your use by pressing the smiley icon on your devices keyboard.

Character Map

The Windows Character Map helps to view all the icons and symbols available and on how to use them. The Character Map is another way for sending the lightning emoji to somebody.
You will be able to find the Character Map by writing it into the windows search bar. After that, you can choose any sort of symbols from the list of all the fonts that you already have on your computer.

Lightning on iPhone, iPad and Mac


The best way to send loved ones your preferred emoji is by copy-pasting it. Our curated collection of emoticons and symbols can be easily copied with any kind of Apple product from our website.

iPhone/iPad → Emoji Keyboard

If you’re texting someone from an iPhone/iPad, your favorite emojis are collected for you in your Emoji Keyboard. You can access this keyboard by clicking the smiley button. The Emoji Keyboard offers a wide variety of emoticons and symbols, just like Direct Emoji Input on Windows.

Mac → Character Palette

Mac’s have a character palette that you can use to download different kinds of fonts, with a great selection of emojis/icons that can be applied to it. By going to the settings of the character palette then to → keyboard preference → Checkmark the “show keyboard and emoji viewers in menu bar” → Selecting the command key (⌘) then clicking  “Show Emoji and Symbols”, you can either decide to drag and drop or copy/paste your selected emoticon.

Lightning on Android

Emoji Keyboard

Just like most of Apple’s products, Android devices are able to produce emojis and icons with the Emoji Keyboard. Here you can find the lightning emoji along with many others.

Application specific

Various chatting applications, the likes of Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Telegram provide you with an emoji keyboard of their own. You are able to send lots of customized emoticons through the emoji panel. They even come with a search button which you can type and find your favorite emoticons in the menu easier.

The History of the Lightning Emoji

The lightning emoji was first called the high voltage emoticon, which was a symbol used even before the appearance of emojis as a warning sign on electrical devices or anything that was connected to an electrical current.

This emoji was first introduced to the collection of emojis in 2003 which was followed by the symbol appearing on iOS and Android devices for the first time in 2015.

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