Are you searching for a Music Emoji? In this list you will find different Music Emojis. You can easily copy and paste these Music symbols!

The most used Music Emoji is ๐ŸŽต

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Basic Music Emoji


Other Music related Emojis


The music emoji and others related to it are mainly about representing feelings related to music, singing or other activities involving music.

They can be a certain instrument, like a trumpet, or even a classic smiley with a microphone, which can be used if you are a singer or to send a cheeky invitation to a karaoke night.

Overall there is a great variety of emojis related to music allowing for a wide range of options to strengthen any music related conversation.

How to use the Music Emoji on different devices

The best way to submit an emoji flower to someone is to pick it from the curated collection on our website, and then simply copy-paste it.

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to use the music icon on some of the most common devices that people use nowadays:

Music on Windows keyword

Keyboard customization

You may use a third-party software or adjust the Windows keyboard layout. You can customize the Windows keyboard model in a way that you can attach whatever symbol you like as quickly and efficiently as possible. You can use this tool to submit crown symbols and all the other emoji characters from your keyboard.

Direct Emoji Input

The direct Emoji input is a great invention that many major websites made for easier access for all your favourite emojis. Messaging platforms, such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, have the Direct Emoji Input menu. In most cases, the menu is represented by a smiley emoticon.

Character Map

The Windows Character Map is another great and simple way to send emoticons. For accessing the Character Map on your Windows, you have to use the search bar and choose the Character Map option. After that, you can pick any kind of icon you would like to submit or use. You can also find all the fonts that have been downloaded on your computer already.

Music on iPhone, iPad and Mac


Just like with every other icon, you can use the copy-paste method to get the emoji of your choice. You can copy, then paste it from our website.

iPhone/iPad โ†’ Emoji Keyboard

On every Apple product, you can find the Emoji Keyboard, from which you can send your emoticon of choice. The Emoji Keyboard has a wide range of emojis. Just like the Direct Emoji Inputโ€™s menu, the Emoji Keyboard is represented by the smiley emoji.

Mac โ†’ Character Palette

On Mac, you have the option to add or use any character and symbol from the Character Palette. There are different kind of fonts, which you can add to your computer to have a broader set of emoticons. To view the character palette, go to the settings โ†’ keyboard preference โ†’ Check the โ€œshow keyboard and emoji viewers in menu barโ€ โ†’ In the menu bar click the palette that shows the command key (โŒ˜) and select โ€œShow Emoji and Symbolsโ€, where you can either copy/paste or drag/drop the emoji of your choosing.

Music on Android

Emoji Keyboard

If you have an Android product, you have nothing to worry about. Just like all the Apple gadgets, Androids also have instant access to symbols and emoticons through the use of the Emoji Keyboard. Along with many other Emojis, you can find the music symbol as well.

Application specific

Many major messaging apps have their own custom keyboard, which includes a specific emoji keyboard, that makes it easier to send your favourite emojis.

The History of the Music Emoji

You may use the music Emoji to describe that you’re in a happy mood and that you’re singing along to a certain song.

The symbol debuted in 2010, and is now primarily recognized as the music emoji, but can also be referred to as one of the symbols of art.

It’s usually used to portray song, rhythm, melody, mood, and so on. People also use it to describe smiling, singing and listening to music, too.

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