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The most used Phone Emoji is 📱

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Basic Phone Emoji


Other Phone related Emojis


The phone emoji, given that the main use of emojis happens on phones these days, has surely become a staple of modern day communication.

It can be used to request for somebody to give you a call, show that you are busy because you are on the phone or be used in various other situations.

How to use the Phone Emoji on different devices

This is a simple guide on how to produce a phone emoji on some of today’s most popular devices.

The most convenient way to send an emoji, though, is to pick it from our website and copy and paste it.

Phone on Windows keyword

Keyboard customization

Using keyboard customization is one of the easiest ways to bind a certain emoji, preferably one that you frequently use, to a set key on your keyboard. Third-party software allows you to easily change your keyboard layout or alternatively, you can modify your own Windows keyboard style within your computers settings. This way the phone symbol as well as all the other emojis you pick to add can be sent directly from your keyboard.

Direct Emoji Input

Direct Emoji Input is a menu that is provided by developers of Applications such as Facebook, Twitter or other Messaging/Social Media platforms. You can access the Direct Emoji input by clicking the smiley emoticon that functions as a button. Within the Direct Emoji Input, you can find a wide selection of emojis, including the phone emoji.

Character Map

The Character Map is a windows feature allowing you to access all characters/fonts available on your machine. Furthermore, the Character Map is another quick way to send the phone emoji. You can find the Character Map quick and easy through the search bar. After that, you can choose any sort of icon or emoji from the list of all the fonts that you already have on your computer. To add a larger variety of emojis to the Character map, you can simply download additional fonts.

Phone on iPhone, iPad and Mac


Quick and easy: You can copy-paste (CTRL+C / CTRL + V) any Emoji directly from our website. Every Emoji featured on our site is compatible with Apple products so feel free to pick from our collection.

iPhone/iPad → Emoji Keyboard

On Apple Smartphones and Ipads you can find a similar Emoji Keyboard as you do on Android devices, indicated by a smiley emoticon. This offers an entire keyboard with 100s of different symbols for you to use while chatting with your friends.

Mac → Character Palette

Just like Windows, Mac also offers a Character Palette where you can choose from Emoticons/Fonts that are installed to your Mac. In order to access it you first need to go to character palette settings then keyboard preference. Afterwards open the “show keyboard and emoji viewers in menu bar” menu.  The final step is opening the menu that shows the command key (⌘) and choose the option “Show Emoji and Symbols”, where you can easily access an emoji that you want.

Phone on Android

Emoji Keyboard

Emoji Keyboards are a staple of modern day smartphones and all of the newer Android Models come with one of them pre-installed. It is accessed through the smiley emoticon next to the space bar on your keyboard and gives quick access to all of Androids pre-installed Emojis, Smileys and more.

Application specific

Certain Applications, such as Messaging Services, Forums or Streaming Services offer their own selection of Emojis. For messaging services, they usually come in a drop down menu, whereas streaming Streaming Services such as use simple words to produce Emojis (for example typing Kappa) or even animated little Memes.

The History of the Phone Emoji

With the very quick rise in popularity of emojis in general, the available selection has been growing at a rapid rate since the early 2000s. The phone emoji has been added to most smartphone devices around the year 2010 and has been a staple ever since.

Back then, owning a smartphone was actually not as usual as one might think, so the popularity of the phone emoji itself picked up a bit later, around 2015.

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