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The most used Plant Emoji is 🌱

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Basic Plant Emoji


Other Plant related Emojis


The Plant Emoji (The Seedling Emoji) and its related emojis have a wide variety of meanings such as new beginnings or starting over.

This icon is often used to symbolize new ideas as well.

It’s the same as saying β€˜β€™Let’s start from scratch’’ or even β€˜β€™ This is a fresh and new approach/situation/thing!’’

The most popular related emojis to the Plant emoji, are the Four Leaf Clover and Tulip, representing faith, hope, love, luck and a load of positivity in general.

How to use the Plant Emoji on different devices

If you would like to send the plant emoji to someone, the easiest method is to just copy-paste the emoji of your choice from our website, since all of our Emojis are compatible with Windows, Mac, Apple and Android.

Further down this article you will find a wide selection of ways to produce a plant emoji on some of the most popular, modern day devices.

Plant on Windows keyword

Keyboard customization

Customizing the layout of your computer’s keyboard is one of the most efficient ways to gain quick access to Emojis that you like to use frequently. You can do this either by using a third-party software or by assigning certain symbols to certain keys on your keyboard. This way the symbol and all the other emoji characters that you choose to add can be sent from your keyboard. Generally, all available fonts (more can be downloaded) and the symbols they come with can be bound to a key of choice on your keyboard.

Direct Emoji Input

Direct Emoji input basically stands for the tool that most major websites with a chat function provide to quickly give access to smileys and emojis. Normally it is depicted as a smiley emoticon functioning as a button which then opens a dropdown menu where you can find various smileys, emojis and so on. Facebooks Emoji and TENOR GIF Keyboard are good examples of Direct Emoji inputs, and the plant emoji is just one of hundreds of emojis features there on quick access.

Character Map

Windows PCs come with a pre-installed character map. It basically functions as a collection of all installed fonts, and the symbols that come with them, on your computer. Open it by searching for it in the start menu and select the emoji of your choice to either copy-paste or drag and drop it where you would like.

Plant on iPhone, iPad and Mac


Copy-Pasting is one of the easiest, quickest and most popular ways to forward any kind of message, whether in the form of text, or in this case, an Emoji. You can Copy-Paste any Emoji directly from our page and use it wherever you want!

iPhone/iPad β†’ Emoji Keyboard

If you are using an Apple device, you can utilize the easily accessible emoji keyboard. It is found by clicking the smiley emoticon located next to your space bar (whenever your keyboard is opened). Within the Emoji Keyboard you will find a very big selection of pre-installed Emojis, including the Plant Emoji.

Mac β†’ Character Palette

On Your Mac, an additional way of sending the plant Emoji is by accessing the character palette. To do so, simply search for β€œCharacter Palette” in the home menu. You will find a selection of menus thereafter, but the one featuring the command key (⌘) is what you are looking for. Within this menu you will find the β€œShow Emoji and Symbols” option, from where you can simply copy/paste or drag and drop the plant or any other emoji you would like.

Plant on Android

Emoji Keyboard

Just like the Iphone, all modern Android smartphones feature an own, in-built Emoji Keyboard. You can access it by clicking the smiley emoticon which is located next to the space bar. From here, a broad variety of Emojis (upwards of 500) are available at the click of a button, and a search function makes it even easier to find the one you are looking for, like the plant emoji.

Application specific

By application specific we mean Emojis provided not by the maker of your machine but rather the service you are using. Whether it is Facebook, YouTube or Twitch, all of the global players that have community functions offer their own set of pre-installed Smileys and Emojis these days. Most of the time, they also provide a search function, making it easier to navigate through the hundreds of options presented.

The History of the Plant Emoji

Mainly pictured as a smaller, light-green and short-stemmed plant with two leaves, the plant emoji nowadays comes in many variations.

It can be used both when talking about plant life and nature, as well as a symbol of luck and good fortune in some cultures.

They are also a symbol of growth and motivation and thus find lots of application in modern day communication.

The Seedling Emoji, which first appeared in 2010, is now better known as the Plant emoji.

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