Are you searching for a Ring Emoji? In this list you will find different Ring Emojis. You can easily copy and paste these Ring symbols!

The most used Ring Emoji is ๐Ÿ’

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Other Ring related Emojis


The ring emoji and its related emojis are mainly used to symbolize commitment, but it can be seen as just the jewelry piece itself.

It is also a reference to someone being engaged, or getting married to someone else. Some people are using the ring icon to express that they are in a serious relationship.

How to use the Ring Emoji on different devices

This simple guide will show you how to use the ring emoji on some of today’s most popular devices.

The most convenient and fast way to send an emoticon is to select it from our website and copy-paste it.

Ring on Windows keyword

Keyboard customization

You can decide to either customize your keyboard, by accessing your windows keyboard settings, or you could also do this by using a third-party software to make it easier. By modifying your keyboard style you will be able to send the ring emoji and any other symbols that you choose to add to your keyboards settings.ย 

Direct Emoji Input

Direct emoji input is a very helpful instrument you can access via most of the chatting sites that we use, like Twitch and Facebook Messenger. These services have a menu feature embedded into their keyboards, which can be accessed and is usually depicted by the famous smiley emoticon. In here one will find a vast variety of emojis they can choose from.

Ring on iPhone, iPad and Mac


The best and most convenient way to send someone your preferred emoji is by copying and pasting it into the selected text or message. Every symbol found on our curated collection on our website can be copied with any Apple device one might have.

iPhone/iPad โ†’ Emoji Keyboard

Your favourite emojis can be accessed if you are using an Apple product through the Emoji Keyboard. A smiley emoticon, present next to the spacebar of your keyboard, gives access to it. Within the Emoji keyboard you will find a very wide variety of smileys and emoticons for you to use when talking to friends, family or colleagues.

Mac โ†’ Character Palette

Every Mac Computer also has a preinstalled character palette. Inside the Palette you can find a large selection of emojis which you can then simply copy/paste out of it to use on either websites, messengers or even text documents. To access it, you can simply search for Character Palette in the home menu of your Mac. From here, open the menu that features the command key (โŒ˜). The final step is to select the โ€œShow Emojis and Symbolsโ€ menu, where you will find said selection of smileys, emoticons and Emojis.

Ring on Android

Emoji Keyboard

Just like any Apple product, Android devices will have direct access to emojis and icons with the help of the Emoji keyboard. In here, alongside all the other available symbols you will find the iconic ring emoji.

Application specific

These days most of the messaging platforms such as Instagram and Facebook Messenger offer emojis in varying ways. You are able to send any icon through the customized Emoji panel to another user. Finding emoticons has been made easier by these sites with implementing a search bar to their keyboards.

The History of the Ring Emoji

The ring emoji was first introduced in 2010, but was only added to IOS and Android devices in 2015.

This symbol can look quite different on opposing brands and messaging services. The ring has seen many changes to its design throughout its lifetime, but the meaning it conveys has stayed the same.

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