Are you searching for a Star Emoji? In this list you will find different Star Emojis. You can easily copy and paste these Star symbols!

The most used Star Emoji is ⭐

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Basic Star Emoji


Other Star related Emojis


The star Emoji and its related emojis have a wide variety of meanings.

While it is harder to define a clear meaning of it, it is used to express feelings of being starstruck, nighttime but can also be used to credit someone for their achievements.

One of the most popular related emojis to the star emoji, is the classic smiley with stars for its eyes, representing excitement, euphoria or just a load of positivity in general.

How to use the Star Emoji on different devices

If you would like to send the star emoji to someone, the easiest method is to just copy-paste the emoji of your choice from the given list, that you can find on our website.

For other methods, here is a list on how to use different emoticons on the most common devices out there:

Star on Windows keyword

Keyboard customization

A great and quick way to add/remove new letters and emoticons is by customizing your keyboard layout on Windows. You can also do this by using a third-party software to make it easier. By customizing your keyboard, you can send any emoji, as well as the star icon.

Direct Emoji Input

A direct emoji input is a helpful tool that most major messaging websites have, such as Facebook and Twitch. The menu of the direct emoji input is indicated by the traditional smiley emoji that functions as a button to access all your beloved emoticons. You can see this Icon if you choose to make a tweet, blog post or send a message to someone and from a drop-down, you can choose one of several star icons.

Character Map

The windows character map is another way to create a star symbol. Using the Windows key, as in the search bar, you can find the character map by typing it in.You will see a list of all downloaded fonts on your screen and you can select both letters and icons, such as the star emoji.

Star on iPhone, iPad and Mac


The copy-paste method is the easiest, even though it’s not permanent, like all the other tools for sending an emoji. You can quickly copy, then paste your emoticon of choice from our website’s list.

iPhone/iPad → Emoji Keyboard

If you are using an Apple mobile device, you have the luxury of the easily accessible emoji keyboard. Whenever you are writing to someone, you will find the emoji keyboard represented by the smiley icon. This tool has a wide range of emojis and symbols that you can choose from.

Mac → Character Palette

You can add / use characters from the character palette on your Mac. There are also fonts that have a broader set of emojis/emoticons that you can apply to your character palette. In order to use the palette go to settings → keyboard preference → Check the “show keyboard and emoji viewers in menu bar” → In the menu bar click the palette that shows the command key (⌘) and select “Show Emoji and Symbols” → You can either copy/paste or drag/drop your emoji of choice from here.

Star on Android

Star on Android

Emoji Keyboard

Android smartphones also have easy access to emojis and symbols with an emoji keyboard, much like any Apple mobile device. Here, alongside with several other emojis, you can find the star emoji too.

Application specific

Many chatting applications, including Facebook Messenger and Instagram, have an easily usable tool for sending emojis.

The History of the Star Emoji

This emoji can represent the actual stars in the sky.

Showing appreciation and praise, it can display joy and appreciation as well.

It may also represent other literal objects that are sparkly, such as crystals, fireworks, and jewelry.

Some people also use it to imply that they just had intercourse and beyond that.

They can also be added to smiley faces to demonstrate that someone is starstruck or in love like (*_*).

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